Some things seems like magic.


And in certain cases that one change behaves like magic!

Such was the case of Frank Bettger, a Professional Baseball player with the St. Louis Cardinals. After a in-game injury he was forced to search for a new career. Finally settling on life-insurance sales Frank spent 10 months frustrated.

But then he remembered the magic.

Back when he was a player on a baseball minor league team making $175 dollars a month Frank was fired for being lazy. He reported to his new team and was informed that he would only be making $25 a month- not much even in the early 1900s.

But Bettger was smart, he resolved to fix the problem that got him demoted.

He resolved to be the most Enthusiastic player the league had ever seen.

He quickly gained notoriety, eliciting this quote from the local newspaper

“This new player, Bettger, has a barrel of enthusiasm. He inspired our boys. They not only own the game, but looked better than at any time this season.”

Within two weeks, Bettger received a promotion and a better pay plan of $185 a month, More than he had made previously!

Fast forward a few years to Bettger effectively receiving that same demotion as a salesman. He didn’t mope or complain though. And he didn’t blame anyone else either! He used the Magic.

He again resolved to be the most enthusiastic person he came across and this transformed his business. He learned many other secrets during his astoundingly successful career. He writes much of his life wisdom in his enduring classic book How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling

how i raised myself Depending on your personality, like we talked about last week, you will implement enthusiasm differently in your life. But everyone can see a change! As Frank said,

Double your enthusiasm, double your results!

If you would like more information about how to put more enthusiasm into your everyday life check out this article

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