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“Attitude isn’t the only thing, but it is the main thing.”

As one of the most respected authors and speakers on leadership over the past four decades, John Maxwell has made a lifelong pursuit of adding value to those around him. That’s important to realize before picking up any of his books because they are each designed to give you actionable strategies to use today.

I won’t steal any of his thunder, and let you hear from the author about his own book here:

Did you watch the video? The rest of this post requires you hear Maxwell say the phrase, “Attitude ISN’T everything.”

Wait, what about the great book (recommended by me) Attitude is Everything

At first glance it seems I’m caught recommending two books that are total opposites. However, here’s what I found. It comes from a surprising source.

I was reading a blog by Mike Vacanti of On The Regimen. Here’s what he wrote in a blog post titled 12 Things I Learned From The Creator of Nike after listening to the memoir, Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, founder of Nike.  

Nine: As A Strength Coach, I Disrespect Running Too Much 

In my content, I turn a nose up to running.

There is a specific reason for this: misinformation is best defeated with hyperbole. And such a high percentage of the general population believe cardio is the secret to fat loss progress.

He goes on… it’s mostly fitness stuff.

But did you catch it? As soon as I read the phrase “misinformation is best defeated with hyperbole,” I got thinking. I don’t 100% agree with Mike, but the conclusion I reached is close.

Misinformation is shaken by hyperbole, and when your incorrect beliefs are shaken, new information has the chance to take root. 

So how does this all fit with Maxwell and attitude??

John Maxwell takes an approach to attitude that is extremely correct. He tells you what attitude can do, he tells you what attitude cannot do, and he gives techniques and strategies for dealing with five major attitude anchors.

On the other side, Jeff Keller, shakes the mindset of the public by overstating the situation and shouting, “ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING

Is that the case? No, but now that Keller has your attention, let’s let him talk about what your attitude can do.

Bottom line, both books have valuable information and insight into what can be your greatest asset and competitive edge, your attitude.

Until next week,

Keep reading, friends!

P.S. Extra content: a connection can hit you any time, anywhere. I was wrestling with these contradictory mindsets of attitude until I read a fitness article about Nike, weightlifting, and distance running.

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