How To Read Like A Top Leader

These are the top habits from Life Leadership CEO Chris Brady summarized by a 15 year old young man, Charles, who has been implementing them for several years. Wow!

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Charles Hysen

I am going to blog about a book that of course I got through LIFE Leadership called TURN THE PAGE by Chris Brady. ”Not every reader is a leader, but every leader must be a reader.”- Chris Brady. What this means is that leaders read differently than everyone else, top leaders don’t just read by accident, and suddenly learn something important, they read on purpose with specific goals in mind and as a result they improve as leaders. Here are some parts of the book that helped me.


WRITE IN YOUR BOOKS: Writing in your books is very important because it increases your own level of understanding and will help key parts of the book stand  out to you when you reread the book, and don’t just highlight and note on parts you agree with, readers learn the most from parts they disagree with. If you disagree  with something then explain why…

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